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High performance

?Units designed for average-sized homes, offering a wide variety of options. No matter which model you choose, you will be able to pick the filtration system that suits you best.

The 25 year warranty

  • 25 year warranty on parts
  • Available with the purchase of a new Cyclo Vac unit only
  • Value of $50
  • Certain conditions apply

Central vacuum 215

  • 600 AW | 140.9" (H2O)
  • Ultra quiet
  • Small body
  • 3 filtration modes available
  • Warranty: up to 10 years

Central vacuum 615

  • 700 AW | 138.1" (H2O)
  • Quiet
  • 3 filtration modes offered
  • Warranty: up to 15 years

* All prices are in US dollars (Currency: USD). The prices displayed are the "Manufacturer's suggested retail prices". Models and prices may vary according to dealers. Taxes are not included. Photos for illustrative purposes only. Products may differ.