Warranty extension

THE 25 year warranty

In order to promote its new warranty extension, Cyclovac offers THE 25 year warranty for free, a value of $50, with the purchase of a Black Edition central vacuum, whether it is purchased alone or in a combo. Contact your Cyclovac Expert to take advantage of this offer!

La garantie 25ans

Cyclovac warranty extension confirms that the motor and electronic components of your Black Edition central vacuum are guaranteed for a total period of 25 years. Labor costs, however, are only covered by the original warranty, for a period of 5 years.

The warranty extension is subject to the same terms and conditions as the regular Cyclovac warranty. It is valid for domestic use only and Cyclovac reserves the right to send a technician to verify the installation location in case of doubt. This warranty ­extension is not transferable.

Make sure to keep the warranty extension certificate and all payment records. We encourage you to register your warranty online at cyclovac.com. Both invoices for the vacuum unit and the warranty extension may be required for any claim.

THE 25 year warranty will soon be available with the purchase of any Cyclovac central vacuum!

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